Water Features San Diego Design

Water Features San Diego Design

Beautiful homes often include water features such as a gentle waterfall, a small pool, or a water fountain. Everyone loves the sound of moving water, it is a refreshing sight and it can serve as an architectual focal point. There are many options for bringing water to your landscape. Call Arcadian Landscape for water features San Diego design and installation services.

4 Categories of Water Features

Indoor water features are often in the form of a tabletop fountain or a standalone water fountain. Outdoor water features can be discrete like a birdbath tucked among plants.  In contrast, it can be elaborate and include a waterfall tumbling water into a stream which flows into a Koi pond. Homeowners can dramatically enhance their property water features!

  • Water Fountains: There are many varieties, styles, and sizes of water fountains. By far, these water features are the most affordable and common. Water fountains are an easy way to bring water to your home without too much upheaval of your existing backyard.
  • Waterfalls: Waterfalls require more space but they are well worth it. They can be designed to look natural with water splashing over boulders and slabs of rock. Alternatively, a waterfall can flow over a sharp edge – a more purposeful and modern interpretation of a waterfall.
  • Streams and waterways: In contrast to waterfalls, streams and canals allow the eye to wander horizontally. Watching water flow down a stream or waterway can be mesmerizing. It almost seems as if the water can wash away your worries. In addition, the sound of water drowns out exterior noise.
  • Pools and Ponds: Pools and ponds come in different sizes and shape.  You can accentuate them with lush plants or with colorful fish. Types of ponds include: reflecting pools, ornamental pools, fish ponds, and water gardens.

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