San Diego Patios and Decks

San Diego Patios and Decks

Increase your outdoor living space by adding a porch, a deck, or a patio to your home. These additions allow you to enjoy the outdoors with the convenience of flooring and sometimes covering too. What’s the difference between a porch, a deck, and a patio?

San Diego Patios and Decks

Porches, decks, and patios explained.

A porch is usually located at the front of a house and it is attached to the house. A porch is constructed so it is elevated off the ground. Porches are covered so you have protection against the sun. Porches are more narrow compared to a deck and they tend to wrap around a house or extend to the left and right of the front door.

A deck is also attached to a house but it is usually located at the back of the house. Like a porch, a deck is elevated from the ground; however, it is usually uncovered. For this reason, a deck can sometimes be called a “sun deck”. Most decks extend away from the house giving you space for a grill and/or deck furniture.

A patio can be attached or detached from a house. Patios are not elevated, instead, they are constructed directly on the ground. They can be large, small, square, rectangular, oval, circular, or any shape you desire.

Most porches and decks are made of wood whereas patios are usually made of concrete or brick. Because of this, decks and porches need to be sealed to give the wood protection against sun, rain, and wind.  Patios are more durable, last longer, and easier to maintain. If you are interested in San Diego patios and decks, please call Arcadian Landscape for consultation.  Owner Evan Weisman has spent 10 years designing landscapes in San Diego and North County.

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