San Diego New Landscape Construction

San Diego New Landscape Construction

When it comes to San Diego new landscape construction and installation projects, Arcadian Landscape is your company of choice. Owner Evan Weisman and his team have been serving San Diego and North County for over 10 years. Each construction and installation project allows Evan to transform the property into a distinctive outdoor living space suited to the property owner’s specifications.  The craftsmen at Arcadian Landscape are skilled and can erect retaining walls and fences, lay down decorative paths and driveways, and incorporate water features such as fountains and custom pools.  Whether you want a quiet outdoor space for contemplation or a functional space for parties, we can do!

 New Landscape Construction

Arcadian Landscapes offers many new construction services including unique custom designs. Please contact us for details.

Hardscapes: Items made of hard materials such as concrete, stone, brick or wood qualify as “hardscapes”. Most people think of hardscapes as retaining walls, driveways, paths, and garden beds which are all made of stone. However hardscape includes gazebos, verandas, patios, BBQ islands, and more.

Softscape: In contrast to hardscape, Softscape is the soft, natural components such as soil, ground cover, grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Shrubs can serve as a screen or border and provide privacy. Trees can offer shade and edible or ornamental fruits. Carefully selected flowers can provide color blooms over the span of many months. Arcadian Landscape specializes in environmentally friendly sustainable horticulture. Ask us about the use of native plants and succulents which are hardy and require less water.

Water Features: Water features include water fountains, pools, ponds, creeks, cascades, waterfalls, and other bodies of water. Architectural installations involving water are appreciated because the sound of the water can mask external noise and the sound of water has a calming effect.

Lighting, Irrigation, and More: In addition to the above San Diego new landscape construction elements, Arcadian Landscape can also install lights, install irrigation systems, and perform other repair and renovation landscaping services.

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