San Diego Landscape Tips

With the concern of higher temperatures, less rainfall, and annual wild fires, Southern California residents are becoming more and more conscience of how they maintain their lawns and outdoor living spaces. These San Diego landscape tips are suggested for those who wish to be a steward of sustainable horticulture.

10 Ways to Sustainable Horticulture

  1. Install Smart Irrigation Controller:  Use a controller that knows what the climate is like and adjusts watering needs accordingly.
  2. Conduct an irrigation audit (check-up)
  3. Replace gas-powered equipment with electric or hand tools.
  4. Minimize Lawn Impact: Grasscycling (leave grass cuttings in grass to take the place of fertilizer), aeration, reducing watering times, mowing high.
  5. Replace Needy Plants: Switch to native plants or succulents, which need less water.
  6. Create a Compost Pile: Gather all organic materials to be converted into fertilizer.
  7. Reduce Storm Run-off: Direct roof downspouts to lawn or planter areas.
  8. Adopt an Integrated Pest Management System: Use pest controls that rely on biological, cultural, physical, mechanical and educational methods, minimizing the use of pesticides.
  9. Pull Weeds: Leave the chemical sprayer in the shed and get dirty with a hand pick.
  10. Grow Food: Vegetable gardens provide fresh produce and cut back trips to the grocery store.​

About Arcadian Landscape

Evan Weisman, owner of Arcadian Landscape, attended Colorado State University where he completed a major in the Landscape Design Program. He has worked with homes and businesses in San Diego and North County for over 10 years. His formal education and hands-on experience has made him an expert in sustainable landscaping. It gives him immense pleasure to design and construct landscapes that bring people joy and minimize impact on the environment. Please contact Arcadian Landscape by Email or telephone for more San Diego landscape tips and ideas: (858) 617-9038.

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