San Diego Landscape Irrigation

San Diego Landscape Irrigation

When installing a new irrigating system or upgrading an existing one, consider the team at Arcadian Landscape for quality materials and workmanship. Owner Evan Weisman has been serving residential and commercial establishments in San Diego and North County for over 10 years. Evan understands that conserving water and maintaining a beautiful outdoor landscape is important to property owners in Southern California. The Arcadian team will install a San Diego landscape irrigation system that is effective, durable, and affordable.

Types of Water Irrigation Systems

Above-Ground Sprinklers Above-ground sprinklers can be stationary, rotational, or oscillating. This type of irrigation system is easy to install.  It can be as simple as attaching the sprinkler head to a hose and turning on the water supply. Though satisfying to see and use, this does require a little bit of work and it is not cost effective because sprayed water is prone to evaporation.

In-Ground Sprinklers In-ground sprinklers are similar to above-ground sprinklers in that they spray water out of the sprinkler heads. The pipes connecting the sprinkler system are underground and the sprinkler heads rises above the ground when the water is on. These systems are often connect to a timer so the water turns on and off automatically.

Drip Irrigation Drip irrigation is becoming more and more popular in San Diego.  It is an efficient way to deliver water to the plants’ roots. You drape the water hose across the landscape and holes in the hose allow water to slowly drip out and delivery water directly onto the soil. Because of this, less water evaporates and there is less chance of over-spraying the water onto the walkways/driveways.

Soaker Hoses Soaker hoses are very similar to drip irrigation.  Here, the water hoses are made of a porous material and water seeps out of the pores.  Similarly, this system minimizes water evaporation due to water mists.

Rain Barrows Rain barrows collect rainwater which can be used to water hanging plants or potted plants which do not get water from the sprinkler or drip irrigation systems.

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