San Diego Commercial Building Planting

San Diego Commercial Building Planting

Keeping a commercial building looking tidy and in tip-top shape is important for financial success. Regardless of your industry – health services, financial services, legal services, retail – almost all industries will benefit from beautiful landscaping. The way your building appears on the outside makes a huge difference in what potential clients think of the people and services inside. A building that has a manicured lawn and stylish features speaks volumes. If you take care of your lawn, you must take care of your clients too. Arcadian Landscape offers San Diego Commercial Building planting, maintenance, and installation services.

Commercial Building Planting: Things to Consider

Every commercial landscaping job is unique because the building exterior may have limited space and one must consider all aspects of the design.

  • Usage: what will the green space be used for?
  • Location: will the green space be north or south facing?
  • Topography: how hilly is the land? Will it retain water?
  • Soil biology: what kind of plant will thrive in this soil?
  • Theme: what will the theme be for the garden and walkways?
  • Plants: how can you use plants to add structure (barriers) or atmosphere (scents, colors) to the area? Will you use vertical plants or low-lying ground coverage?
  • Maintenance: how will the building managers maintain the landscape and what resources are needed so the landscape will look good in the future?
  • Sustainability: which plants work well in the environment? Can the softscape include resource-efficient and native plants?

Owner Evan Weisman is a professional landscaper working with commercial buildings and residential homes for over 10 years. He studied Graphic Design but found his passion in horticulture and landscaping. In summary, he uses his knowledge of design and plants to create appealing landscapes for homes and businesses. Please call Evan for San Diego commercial building planting, maintenance, and installation services.

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