BBQ Island Installation San Diego Services

BBQ Island Installation San Diego

People who live in San Diego know that you can barbeque outside almost all year round. Because of this, many homeowners are investing in a BBQ Island. A grilling station should be functional, to be sure. However, it should be stunning in appearance as well. An outdoor grilling area will increase the value of your property and increase your enjoyment among friends and family. Call Arcadian Landsape for innovative design ideas and quality BBQ island installation San Diego Services.

Custom Built BBQ Islands

Evan Weisman has designed many BBQ islands in his 10 years of service in San Diego and North County. There are some things you should consider before installing a grilling area.

Backyard Space: First, you must consider how much space you have in your backyard. It is unreasonable to construct a very elaborate BBQ island if there is no space for guests mingle and enjoy the outdoor space. Similarly, a large yard deserves more than a modest backyard grill.

Size of BBQ Island: Ideally, the BBQ island should be the perfect size for your backyard. If the grilling area is too large, it may become ridiculously over-the-top. Similarly, if it is too small, it won’t give you any “wow” power. Luckily, BBQ islands can be custom designed to fit your needs.

Shape of the Island: Most people are familiar with a rectangular grilling area. However, why choose a traditional shape when you can choose a semi-circle, an L-shape, or a U-shape? You can also place a rounded countertop over a rectangular base. This gives curvature to an otherwise blocky BBQ platform.

Choice of Countertop: Aside from the grill itself, the countertop is the next component which you can customize to your own taste. Countertops can be made of tile, granite, stone slabs, concrete, flagstone, marble, or stainless steel. The different materials have a different appearance and have strengths and weaknesses.

Added Features: Depending on the size of the BBQ island, you can have added features. These “bells and whistles” will make your BBQ-ing experience more joyful and memorable. Features available include drawers, sinks, refrigerators, ovens, side burners, and more. Some BBQ islands are attached to an end table or a bar area so friends can be nearby as you manage the grill. To start designing your BBQ island, please call Arcadian Landscape for BBQ island installation San Diego services.

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