About Us

about us

“I take ownership of every landscape I manage, so I treat it like it’s my own”

Evan Weisman, Owner

Evan has been designing and installing landscapes and hardscapes for 10 years. He started his studies at Colorado State University in graphic design, but fell in love with landscape design after a summer job.  He combined his love of art and building with his new found passion for horticulture and landscaping, and he completed a major in the prestigious CSU Landscape Design program.

Evan treats every landscape as a piece of art, a composition, a masterpiece!  Whether through plants or hardscape or both, all landscapes need continuity and planning.  Varying and complementary colors, textures, heights and sizes, and blooming times are key to interesting, compelling landscapes.

Evan connects with his clients on different levels to keep them all happy and peaceful. In business for 10+ years, Arcadian Landscape has an A+ rating with the BBB, Better Business Bureau. Please contact Evan to discus your next landscaping project.